We have a clear idea of what gives us pleasure when it comes to treating ourselves.  One person’s long, hot bath, is another’s purchase of a longed-for pair of designer shoes. Life would be dull if we didn’t occasionally indulge ourselves and enjoyed what the world has to offer; but the art of living well goes beyond the pocket book or material possessions. With a little planning and some creativity you can inject some luxury into your every day.

On the Cheap

Take advantage of everything Mother Nature has to offer and take yourself and your spouse on a nature walk. If you live in a major metropolitan area, find a park, a pond or a lake and spend time enjoying the scenery. Studies have shown that just being surrounded by the natural world improves our mental and physical well-being.


Bring the fragrance and color of the outdoors into your home with a bouquet of seasonal blooms. A vase brimming with cut flowers feels both luxurious and decadent.

Two For One

Check your local hotels or spas that offer deals for couples romantic weekend breaks. In addition to a massage, facial or other treat, the hotel package may include a romantic dinner for two.  Although such deals are ubiquitous around Valentine’s Day, save yourselves a bundle by taking advantage of off-season promotions.

Party with Friends

Create a themed dinner party with friends and transform the dinner table into an island destination or European getaway. Everyone contributes a dish to this fun gathering. Other ideas may include that your guests dress up as their favorite character, author or celebrity.

the art of living well goes beyond the pocket book or material possessions.